We create new possibilities
Time out to unwind is important, but at Riverheart we believe there’s an extra step that needs to happen in order for the effects of a retreat to be long lasting after you leave. That’s why each of our programmes focuses not only on providing a nurturing space and environment, but also offers the opportunity to learn new skills, approaches and techniques to help manage any stress or challenges back at home.

With a Riverheart retreat, you’ll discover new possibilities in yourself and the world around you.

One to one sessions
A free consultation with one of our lead teachers for all guests staying more than 5 days. This can be used to develop areas of interest, address specific challenges or tailor a new practice to suit your needs.

Diversity of practice
We see a strong link between creativity, mind-body practices, and wellbeing. All our teachers are multi-disciplinary and bring a breadth of experience and knowledge that adds subtlety, precision and innovation to their teaching.

Opportunity to explore
Want to try something new? Individual art, writing, yoga, meditation and massage sessions can be added into any retreat programme (request at the time of booking – see costs for individual prices).

We’re family-run, and each Riverheart retreat is a welcome into a new home from home.
We’re passionate about the community we work in and like to share this with our guests – from our chef’s delicious Spanish cooking, to evenings around the fire with local musicians, we’ll share a taste of our Andalucía with you.

We give back – our teachers volunteer in community projects and work actively to ensure Riverheart’s ethos and activities are accessible to all.

We know and love our teachers – Riverheart owner Samm chooses each teacher personally to ensure you experience a truly exceptional level of skill, consideration and attention.
Wherever possible, teachers are invited who Samm has personally studied and practiced with, and who are considered to be outstanding mentors in their field of expertise.

Eco-friendly & sustainable
The materials we build in. The products we offer to our guests. The ingredients that make up our delicious food. The way we generate power and manage waste. In all investment and activity, Riverheart is committed to safeguarding and replenishing the natural environment.

The Asya Programme
We offer guests the opportunity to 'pay it forward' - under the Asya Programme, we offer a free place on each retreat to someone who would benefit from being part of  caring, healing community for a few days, who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. So when you book a place on a Riverheart Retreat, your payment goes in part towards supporting someone else to benefit from the Riverheart community. Donations are gratefully accepted towards this programme.

Here at Riverheart, we operate in the service of happiness, peace and freedom.


•    Creative expression
•    Personal practice
•    Healing spaces
•    Supportive connections
•    Excellence in teaching
•    Active listening
•    Kindness in thought, word and action


Well structured programmes that balance learning, play and rest
Each Riverheart retreat is designed to give you the time and space you need to unwind and re-wire. Just a few days at Riverheart can recharge you, sending you back into the world with a new supply of energy and smiles.

Experienced, authentic and astute teachers
Our teachers are handpicked because they combine excellence in teaching with being kind and lovely people! Each one has contributed to the development of Riverheart, and it’s their ongoing energy and passion that helps give Riverheart it’s magical feeling. The perfect guides and mentors throughout your stay, our team will be on hand to welcome you into the Riverheart family.  

Honesty and integrity at all times
It’s a guiding principle in the yoga yamas, or code of conduct, and an important part of the Riverheart experience – we only offer the things we can do thoughtfully and well, and that we’ve found to be of value.

Community development and support – locally and globally
Our teachers engage in voluntary work here in Spain and abroad, and many of them choose to spend the majority of their time working with vulnerable or disadvantaged populations - ensuring the benefits of the creative and healing arts are accessible to those who need them most.

Nourishing & delicious food and drink
Good for the planet, good for the mind body and soul. At Riverheart all of our food and drink is organic and grown locally wherever possible. The food is truly delicious and with tapas, teas and wholesome meals throughout the day we promise you won’t go hungry!

Eco-friendly and ethical in all investment and practice
One of the reasons Riverheart feels so special is because of the care we take to carry out all actions with love and thoughtfulness. Safeguarding the planet and our place on it isn’t just common sense, it’s soul sense. We use reclaimed materials where we can, employ local people, and ensure our time here leaves a positive imprint on this precious earth.
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