Simon Carey-Morgan

I’d been a student of Tai Chi for several years when I graduated in Chinese Medicine from The International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead in 1993. After studying yoga for a year in India, I moved to America and studied with Kumar Francis as a senior student of Daoist internal arts for 10 years. It was during this time that I also gained my experience in osteopathy, craniosacral osteopathy and bodywork – disciplines I combine across my teachings now.

Around this time another key influence arrived in my life - the Wilderness teachings of Tom Brown Junior, and I worked as an apprentice with the UK’s senior student in this discipline, studying animist cosmology and indigenous ways of living on the earth.

I was leading a monastic way of life all throughout my early years, and was deeply involved with the Theravada Buddhist tradition – including supporting the creation of Lalita; a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the west of Spain.
Returning to the UK, I was fortunate enough to study Gao style Bagua with Aarvo Tucker – a senior Disciple of Luo De Xiu and one of Europe’s leading practitioners in Martial Arts. I was invited to lecture at the Internal College of Oriental medicine, and taught there for the following 10 years while also working as a researcher for the NHS investigating a cure for MS – an interesting mix of disciplines, but one that tied together my understandings of unity, wellness and disease.

It was around this time that I also entered into family life, bridging the world of monastic study with the practical application of my learnings in the western world.

I currently teach internationally, and have had a Shamanistic practice in Forest Row, West Sussex for more than 20 years where I combine the disciplines of Chinese medicine, osteopathy and body work. I’m looking forward to sharing the teachings I’ve inherited at Riverheart.

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