'My heart is full. Thank you to the whole family for creating this safe space. I liked the freedom I felt to be, eat, sleep - and the food was delicious!'
- Emilyne Mondo, Retreat Guest

‘I participated in one of Samm’s creative writing workshops with the intention of exercising my creativity. I was immediately struck by the ease with which Samm opened the workshop and how she created a safe, relaxed and inviting space for all the participants. 

Within a very short space of time I was feeling and being more creative than I had been in a long time. Samm’s warm and curious nature allowed people to share their work in a way that really added to the overall experience. 

The impact of this single workshop for me is that I’m more in touch with myself as a creative and I have a greater belief in myself to create inspired written pieces when I put pen to paper. 

I highly recommend Samm to anyone looking to develop their own creativity or that of another group of people. Samm has a special gift, where she is able to not only create an engaging experience but is also able to draw out the unique potential and qualities of those lucky enough to be participating in one of her workshops or classes.’ 
- Baljit Singhd, Writing Student

'Special place with special people. Loved every minute I spent there. Beautiful location, gorgeous hospitality and care. Wonderful mountain air, Spanish sun, a great place to learn to play! Just go!'
- Marcus Usherwood, Riverheart Guest

'If you need to disconnect from every day routines, to try something new and find a better 'you', to adventure and to explore in idyllic surroundings, then this is the place. My family & I left Riverheart feeling happier & healthier than we have done before. We were welcomed with open arms, were catered for with delicious vegan/veggie meals and fell in love with the ambience of the place. Our children dived into nature and new experiences, and like us, they cannot wait to visit again. Thank you for your warm hospitality - we'll definitely be back soon.'
- Lexi Davis, Riverheart Guest

'Thank you for an enlightening and heart warming experience.'
- Joel Trotter, Retreat Guest

‘It’s like learning to ride a bike; at first we’re banging our knees and scraping our shins, learning how to use these tools – sometimes a bit awkwardly at first – but in a week’s time we find they’ve crept their way into our writing without us even knowing it, and we’re better writers for it.’ 
- David Waters, Writing Student

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